Improving Your Faults Through The Zodiac


I know this sounds a bit crazy but if you truly want to improve yourself you need to know both your positives and negatives. I find the best way to learn is through the zodiac. I love vintage books and the best way to find them is at thrift shops,, and borrowing. I was at this church sale last year and I found this awesome zodiac book from the UK printed in 1993 titled, “The Signs Of The Zodiac & How To Interpret Them ASTROLOGY Planets &  Birth Signs Astrology & Diets”. It really broke things down for me via my sign. Not only for myself either, I wrote another blog titled, “Understanding People Better Through The Zodiac…”:

I learned that my sign had negatives, as well as, positives. Libras typically are vain and unreliable and I became aware of this so I recognized that these were in fact my weaknesses as I reflected back! I have since improved simply by correcting my behavior because I was now aware of something that had always been in plain view.  If I make a commitment or if I have a responsibility then I put effort towards following it through and I don’t do things half assed either! I am compromising when it comes to my vanity, however. I do think that my body is a temple so I work out, eat healthier 80% of the times and take the time to style myself to my liking. Fortunately I have realized that it doesn’t take that much effort. Thank you mom and dad! My father calls me his l’acqua e sapona (soap and water) girl so I am very lucky that I never really had to spend hours on my hair and makeup, but my problem was looking in the mirror a lot. Today I make more effort towards my spiritual beauty while keeping my mind and body very fit and healthy. I still make sure I look pretty in good time though but I don’t spend so much time looking in the mirror. It’s so tough because I love beautiful things, myself included. ;)

This month I have received two emails from 41 and 54 Police Divisions and I just thought I would post them below this little blurb here for everyone to see in hopes that this will spread the information and hopefully prevent crimes. There is absolutely no excuse for this mal (bad) behavior, it is very wrong to rob and/or hurt people! However, the reality is that when times are tough crime rises. Desperate people sometimes take desperate measures, unfortunately. The best thing our city, province and country could do is start lowering or eliminating taxes in my opinion. It’s proven! Another thing I feel would greatly benefit is to stop borrowing from private banks that charge us so much compounded interest. Christopher Porter of the Canadian Action Party, stated that we Canadians pay $170 MILLION dollars in interest a day! This is disgusting! It’s time for good and peaceful change already. Please! Every Canadian should take the time and watch the docTRUEmentary Oh Canada Our Bought & Sold Out Land. Enough is Enough! Time to peacefully bitch about this garbage. Also don’t buy crap! Spending power.

41 Division sent February 21st, 2013
In recent weeks there has been an increase in the number of theft of wallets and purses from grocery stores in 41 Division. By following the suggestions below – you can redue your risk and help stamp out purse snatching. Do not leave your purse or wallet unattended in the grocery cart – even for a secondDo not carry a large amount of cash in your wallet be aware of your surroundings and watch for someone trying to distract you keep you purse on you at all times and possibly use a small wallet to hold your cash, reditt cards and debit card in your front pocket ensure that your purse is always zipped up and closedDo not leave your purse hanging from walkers, restaurant chairs, always keep them on your personUse a fanny pack or waist pouch instead of a pursedo not place a purse strap around your neck or wrist; forcible removal could cause serious personal injury If you have any further questions please contact PC Jill Davey #3965 or PC Susan Mundy #1137, 41 Division Crime Prevention
Officers at 416 808 4127 or email at or

54 Division sent February 15, 2013
Community Alert
There have been a number of break-ins into vehicles and homes in the Cosburn/Mortimer and Woodbine area. Residents are advised to be alert to any strange activity in their neighbourhoods. Residents must be vigilant about locking the doors and windows of their homes. Vehicle doors should be locked and all valuables should be removed. Be aware of suspicious persons knocking on doors, delivering flyers and suspicious sales people. Residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the Toronto Police Service’s non-emergency number at 416 808-2222. Contact PC Hannah #8316, 54 Division Crime prevention officer at 416 808-5429 for safety tips or to conduct a safety audit of your home or business.


I saw a powerful interview last night regarding mental illness from a survivor, Margot Kidder. Not on CTV btw, but on CBC! Yep, I found that CTVs take on mental illness was vague and almost trying to convince people that they may have a problem. Also they did this during the winter blues season and S.A.D.! The lack of sunshine/ D3 causes people to feel sad and depressed. Personally I take D3 so I feel great! Anyways I found that to be very shady and shameful IMO! I also saw the Merilyn Dennis Show and I felt like puking. Basically I found that all of it was more a less recruiting people into the mental health system. Like one of my Facebook friends mentioned, Bell’s sponsors include drug companies so that may be one of the reasons. This private corporation that kept increasing my bill till I had to cancel their services cares so much?! I highly doubt that. Thanks again Bell for allowing us to talk about this though!

Anyways it was just my luck that my husband and I turned on the CBC last night and at the perfect moment too! It was where Morgot Kidder was on George Tonight. She also admitted that it also was pure luck that she found people that did not drug her to the gills with mind numbing pills, but instead got her on a natural path because she learned that mental illness stems from a physical condition. You know I find that the case with other illnesses too. Conventional treatments seem to me to be a cash cow where it’s more profitable to treat people rather than cure them. It’s really a disgusting thing. We should have a choice here in Canada where natural treatments should be covered under our health care or at least offered to us. Doctors should give us all the information, not only the treatment that is through big pharma. It is my religion to have only natural treatments unless it’s an emergency and I need it to save my life. Here is the link to YouTube.   Margot Kidder Talking To George On CBC

I sometimes have to go in and edit a post a few times after I post it but currently I am unable to edit posts so I am very sorry if you find a type o or bad grammar. I also hate that I can’t even post pics to my site right now. The person that updates via that ftp tool is so swamped but I am trying to get them to do it soon. Anyways, I’m sure you all will forgive me. At least I am continuing my intuitive posts and my thoughts on society.

It’s all fixed :D See! 75050_442983396556_680251556_5961516_3721189_n

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