Toronto Star and Now Magazine has some bleeding heart propaganda that in my opinion tricks people by causing them to feel pressured in ordered to help out people that are in our country illegally because they did not want to go through the appropriate channels to legally stay and probably to avoid paying taxes into our system. Perhaps they have a horrible criminal record? Regardless of why the right thing to do is immediately deport these people. We must think of our own poor and future generations. Stop focusing on your bleeding heart and start thinking with your head. If Toronto becomes a sanctuary city how long before we are flooded with people, crime will most likely go up and wages will go down. Do you want to lose your services including pension and health care? If we went to their country they would not give us a thing so why should we? We would most likely all go broke. As a matter of fact, we need to have more strict immigration laws! I am seeing too many people who come here without any skills that immediately go on welfare, get their family on welfare and just stay there leaching off of us. I also got an email from my 54 police division informing me of an increased amount of break ins and not to open my door to strangers! I also read in the paper about the break ins and noticed the last names of these crooks and they are the same or similar to the people that hate westerners that usually don’t want to work and will not assimilate?! I fortunately have been following the alternative media for a while and recognize this to be what is going on in the states. Alex Jones of has informed so many on a regular basis of the illegals that have been allowed to come in his country and not to help but to almost hurt the citizens. He states that the non citizens are treated better, given all the perks instead of the citizens and are used to drive down the wages and standard of living. I don’t want that here! To all the Toronto Councillors that are considering this please give your heads a shake and vote it down. You will bankrupt and ruin or city even more. Our future generations need to be considered and we are responsible to protect them now! This all ties into the North American Union and New World Order to bring us all to the same level… below the poverty line. On Justin Trudeau’s Facebook page he posted “Our country”s strength lies with new Canadians. We can’t slot immigrants into worker classes – we need to recognize them as nation and community builders.” Justin Trudeau – So basically it said to some that citizens are not our country’s strength? Liberals in my opinion are run by a bunch of possessed or people that have good intentions that are ignorant that either look good in a suit with no substance that follow or are a minority that are mostly there to brings in others in their group. I also want to mention that I watched a movie on titled, “Cooking with Stella (2009)” and was DISGUSTED at the message it was projecting Asian Indian people! Basically Canadians are so rich that it’s okay to rob them???!!! Ontario Media Development Corporation with public support (our tax dollars) and AFM Canada supported this garbage. I recall that Dalton McGuinty the former Liberal Premier of Ontario made it possible for Bollywood to hold their awards here in Toronto. As a Torontonian and as a Canadian I feel violated. The left is going too far and they need to be investigated and go before a judge. In my opinion this is worse than all the money they lost and squandered. However, they still need to be investigated and go before a judge about that too! We taxpayers also should have the Liberal party return all that money to us, WITH INTEREST! I can’t help but feel the Liberals are being steered by evil and they need to be peacefully and legally stopped at once.

Okay, I have been tweeting & facebooking a lot more about this than blogging lately. I decided that it feels right to piece everything together in a blog because I sense that I have pretty much have figured things out.

Bell media purchased CTV news and in my opinion they are using that media outlet for deceptive reasons. For example #save32minutes is supposedly a public run group with some members that work at banks and some are even former civil servants. Not really public in my eyes. Also, their sponsors are a toll road company, banks and other corps. Please see my Twitpic widget on the front page of my blog for proof of this. Seems so shady. So let’s review what they want. They want us not to sit in traffic and will save us 32 minutes. Doesn’t that sound great? It should, this is what I refer to as CANDY COATED PROPAGANDA. So you want to save 32 minutes but there is always a price, no? Higher taxes, tolls and going a lot more without. How long will you have to work to save these 32 minutes?

So next Bell media puts out a new campaign #bellletstalk in order to spread awareness of mental illness and rid ourselves of the stigma. This all during Seasonal adjustment disorder S.A.D. time aka winter blues season! Sounds really nice, doesn’t it? I refer to this tactic as BLEEDING HEART PROPAGANDA. People with a hidden agenda using a feel good scheme in order to snag people in. So why does Bell care about people? I feel it’s a ploy to get people in the system in order to get them on a prescription. One of my facebook friends stated that this is to benefit their big pharma sponsors to continue their funding. Sounds very reasonable to me. I also was disgusted when a Toronto school board official stated on CTV that over 50% of students are sad and depressed??!!! Well who wouldn’t be during S.A.D. season?! This is a predator type of system if you want my honest opinion. Leave our kids and the vulnerable alone!

They should not be allowed to target Canadians this way! Bell should have never been allowed to purchase CTV imo! Oh and Bell I am so glad that you invited me to talk about this because I am telling everyone about your obvious deception! I am also informing people that it is normal to have emotions and that they might not feel the greatest for other reasons to ask their doctor and get a 2nd opinion too! Lack of vitamin B complex, aspartame with it’s 92 symptoms including anxiety and depression, fear mongering, deceptive propaganda, lack of exorcise, food sensitivities, toxic chemicals they call fluoride forced in our drinking water, etc. Never let a corporation imply that you are not normal and may have a mental illness!

I spoke with T.J. Wilson of to look into this matter further. BTW Terry, Frankie and the rest of the CA crew are doing a great job! They are making a good difference.


Interview With An Exorcist by Father Fortea

I love to read, as much as I can. I should read more, though. However, I am very selective about what I do read. It must benefit society in some way. I have been reading a lot more about paganism, possession and demons. I think it’s very important in this day and age. It is not irrelevant because we are in modern times, in fact, it is very relevant because so many are lost and on the wrong path or on no path at all. Over the past 6 years, or so, I have picked up some pretty negative energy and experienced some warnings by the means of vivid dreams. I have concluded that the majority of influential people in the world today are possessed or tempted to sin by demons or the devil himself because they are weak and vulnerable. They will end up burning in hell for an eternity if they do not repent , beg for forgiveness and change their ways to result in good change for us all. Currently the evils of these meek result in the innocent suffering which is what I feel is the ultimate evil and this needs to stop immediately. The path of the New World Order is being steered by the great deceiver that will end up in us all suffering an immense pain if it continues. It can be easily changed by following the natural order, no more satan worship, no more harming the vulnerable, illuminating all toxic debt, creating fair systems that will allow us all to equally prosper, everything must be transparent, no gmo’s, no more debt based systems, natural cures should be promoted, no more cancer business, and things like that!

Back to the book… I love Amazon, Ebay, garage sales and thrift shops for used books. I am actually reading 3 books right now, Italian Witchcraft, A Prayer For The City and the above mentioned book, An Interview With An Exorcist. Written by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea, a priest and an expert of demonology. He is an approved exorcist who has conducted a number of exorcisms and lectures on this topic throughout the world. The book started with the epic and holy prayer of St. Michael. It was so appropriate because the book delves into matters of the dark and along with it a warning that we should not be too interested in it because it could jeopardize our soul. It reminded me of Ouija boards, if you use it you may open doors and could even become possessed. I have learned to be very weary of things like that because I value my spirit and do not want to be damned.

I have a strong curiosity about demons and evil, however. I think it is wise to learn as much as possible in order to protect my soul and our society. I learned that demons can not read your mind but they are very intelligent and could figure some things out. Hollywood was wrong, thank goodness! Also they are fueled by hate and if you are full of love, the power of prayer & beliefs and keep your fear at bay, then you can be strong. Remember I was attacked by what I felt was demonic and I was free as soon as I thought of Jesus.

Anyways, back to the book. Please see page 37, section 31. “Can demons unite and concentrate their efforts to influence society? The greatest power of the demons lies in tempting us to sin. Since they communicate among themselves, demons certainly work together and concentrate their efforts to influence human society. They do this by collectively devising strategies and by putting them into action in a specific place. While they desire to tempt everyone to sin, they know very well that certain individuals have the ability to influence society as a whole because of their wealth, fame, or power. They communications media are a particularly powerful influence on today’s society. As such, the demons especially target these elites.

In politics, demons are never neutral – they always analyze the situation and focus their energies on those political officials and candidates who will (wittingly or unwittingly) favor their goals. Undoubtedly, in the German election of 1932, the demons understood perfectly that their goals would be better served by tempting the German people to vote for a rather unknown, fringe candidate named Adolph Hitler. Does this mean that Hitler’s rise to power can be attributed solely to demonic forces? No, human choice was involved; but demons were undoubtedly involved, too. Similarly, the Church Fathers, in their writings about Christian persecution bu the state, often point out that such persecution is rooted in the instigation of demons on rulers and the population as a whole.

We must always remember that the devil is the Father of Lies, and he seeks to make evil appear good and good appear evil. At the heart of much evil is the rejection of human dignity; the demons want us to forget that we have been created in the image and likeness of God.”

Dear Alex Jones, if you are reading this please consider having Father Fortea on your wonderful show.

I just wanted to add the book photo and also state that I only disagreed with one thing that Father Fortea stated in the book.  He pretty much said that even good witches have evil behind them.  I strongly disagree.  The gift, the natural ways I was born with and my wonderful Italian culture are all from God.  It’s positive energy from heaven and earth.  We all do hold negative energy withing but at what concentration is up to you and the choices you make in life.  I could use my gifts for evil but I have free will and have decided not to.  I am very strong and not a weak and simple minded person.  Anyways, I just thought I would note that because I felt it was important.


I happened upon this vintage zodiac book from the UK at a local church sale and have referenced it many times when I am bumping heads with someone in order to help me better understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as, my own. I actually eased up on them a bit more and actually worked harder on my own faults too.  I am very vain, I was constantly looking in the mirror?  It was a bit exhausting to be honest.  I also work hard at always looking my best! I work out 5 days a week and try to eat healthy GMO free and organic foods too. I am into taking D3, the B50 complex, fish oil and garlic everyday too. I am balanced all around. Sometimes I think I am a little too over the top so when it’s not that special of an occasion I try to ease up and not spend as much time on my looks. I actually found out that I look sometimes better when I am not trying so hard. Less really is more!

Anyways, I just wanted to post this little something now before I post something major about developing a society that is balanced and not extreme. Today for instance I find the world to be run in a very negative manor based on lies, deception, violence and greed. I sense that this must stop, however, I do not believe that we should not have any government and structure at all. Why can’t we be in the middle? Why do we need a black or white society? Can’t we just be normal and good? I don’t feel that we need to suffer on either end. This is coming from a Libra that loves balance by the way lol Anyways, I am thinking about that a lot lately. In order for us ALL to greatly advance we just need to do a little tweaking to get there. It’s rather a simple thing. We just need to come together but with respect to each individual because we are all important. We should always respect a person’s rights, freedoms and never deceive them while keeping the laws of the natural order in mind. Simple! Speaking of which I can not post pics anymore. I updated my blog and it’s not working anymore. I hope there is a fix to it!  Update:  website is now running optimally again thanks to my best friend :D

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