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Some people say we vibrate but I believe we only do this when we are balanced, positive and happy. I also believe that our soul when at that state vibrates like sound.

Sound travels and when it does it’s sonic. So what if man could travel via sound and light from within. Perhaps interdimensional travel may be possible this way?! All we need is like a docking station for our bodies to care for them until we get back and a destination bot for our trip. Sounds really out there but why can’t we explore it? Nothing to lose.

I was tweeting this morning on my AnnaSophia_TOPS@twitter.com account and this is what I wrote:

Anna Sophia@AnnaSophia_TOPS 1h1 hour ago
Some of mans journeys start from within where we can reach universal frontiers. Nothing is impossible or out of reach. #music #light #travel

Anna Sophia@AnnaSophia_TOPS 1h1 hour ago
Must think upwards and outwards. #nofear #nolimits #beyond

Anna Sophia
relating to or using sound waves.
denoting or having a speed equal to that of sound.
11:01 AM – 7 May 2015

What if we could travel from within via sonic/light and destination would involve a robot or clone body? #freakyfuture #iampossible #whynot
11:49 AM – 7 May 2015

Just sharing my deep thoughts inspired by music and my connection to the universe. I hope this helps mankind. That’s why I do this for free.

I do have a paypal or bitcoin wallet if anyone would like to gift me. You can reach me via my facebook or twitter by hitting the About/Contact section on this site. I also sell art and pictures if anyone is interested. I should add a shop section.

UPDATE:  May 9, 2015 – One of my fb friends just criticized me a bit over this blog entry. lol!  He asked me if I was visited by clock work elves?!  Hahaha!  No.  I have not been.  Sheesh!  I just sense things, piece it together and write it down.  I don’t think I should stop my process just because it seems strange and weird.  There are things that we can’t explain but I do strongly sense that there are great messages and meanings in media.  Things come to me that way.  I find the little puzzle piece, not literally, I feel it, and I piece it together and tweet about it and then write it down on this blog.  Anyways!  Whatever.  I know that it probably doesn’t make much sense now but when the time is right I hope that this will guide humanity to the brink of greatness.  If not it’s certainly entertaining!!!

UPDATE:  May 27, 2015 – I just wanted to include my May 11th tweet: “intense dream early this am.man’s voice simply said my latest post Sonic Spirit was accurate.didn’tchim,he said it in middle of other dream.”  Also I have been sensing that I need to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind and I was also thinking about mixing software like Reason from Softonic.

Deciphering The Universe

Since I am mostly connected the universe I have been picking up and sensing a lot of information from media, thinking and logging it on Twitter.  Most Libras, like myself, are natural born psychics and left brain.  So we pick up things and piece them together with our logic.  I am sure that not all are like this but I have been able to do this since I can remember.  For many years, especially in the past year, I have been on a very interesting journey that is being woven by my gifts.  It’s like I have to blog or tweet about what I sense and my thoughts.  I am just going to post some of my tweets on here because some of you may not follow my Twitter.  Hopefully you will because it’s where I kinda post what I am picking up and my deepest thoughts openly.  It’s kinda a big live brainstorm .   I feel that I am still piecing things together to get out a whole and complete blog post or these tweets will take me to the other pieces in order for myself to put together the bigger picture.  I try not to force anything now.  I honestly feel that eyes and minds are opening.  Hearts need too, as well.  It’s all about common sense, compassion, morals, ethics, the natural laws, balance, tools of the universe, advancing and prospering.  We need to let go of the weak and savage ways.  Anyways, here are some of my tweets I feel are worth a look and I hope you look up more too.

Anna Sophia @AnnaSophia_TOPS · May 2 – I sense that it is possible to read light and gather all it’s information like a dvd player on a screen, only no disk, just light.

Anna Sophia @AnnaSophia_TOPS · Apr 21 – When I’m receiving important info meant to be known it is like a constant nagging until I tweet it or blog it out. #decipheringtheuniverse

ElectricdreamsAnna Sophia ?@AnnaSophia_TOPS  Apr 21 – “L O V E … it’s the most powerful feeling in the universe.”  Electric Dreams film 1984

“It’s how we all survived.It makes u feel happy,sad,nervous,calm,hot,cold,strong,weak… it all comes from deep inside… it makes u feel.” ( Response – Part 2)

“I finally found out what love is.  It is give and not take.” (Response – Part 3)

Purchased Fluorite aka the “genius stone” from Gifts From The Earth in Toronto. Great benefits. Chinese&Egyptians used it. #harmoniousorder

When everything is balanced, moral, positive, peaceful and right in our world then all the answers will come.

AnnaSophia_TOPS – Apr 16 – Quit asking why because it’s wasting time.  Start to focus on what is and make it better.  #harmoniousorder #goingup #circlesociety
Anna Sophia @AnnaSophia_TOPS · Mar 13  The retrograde motion of the planets explained by the combination of 2 circular movements. The Fabric Of The Heavens. book

journey Anna Sophia @AnnaSophia_TOPS – 6 Jan 2015  If you are really ready then let’s begin the JOURNEY #harmoniousorder #goingup #circlesociety

I am sure there are a lot more but I am getting tired now so please feel free to check it for yourselves if you would like to see more.

Connecting To The Universe

You know I am very focused, centered, balanced, informed, aware, happy and free.  This is not easy to achieve.  When I am in a peaceful state and focus upwards I easily am able to connect to the universe.  Some things that help me achieve this simply include keeping negative energy away, finding things to make me happy and uplift myself naturally without drugs or alcohol.

The following is what I have done to purge myself and elevate towards the universal connection by enlightenment and dropping the heavy.

1. Dropping the negative anchors. Negative people are the first to go with me. Sometimes when they are too close to you distance yourself at least and try to avoid as much as you can. Do not do kind things for people like that. Forgive and forget… them! Turn the other cheek only works if they don’t punch you in your face. Sometimes you have to take your cheek away in order to protect yourself. Other things that drag you down like some stale puritans and their constant doom and gloom. I had to stop listening daily to some alternative key people because it was like they were stuck in a loop or maybe I was too aware at that point and needed to break free to make my own peaceful spiritual and intelligent path? They are great when you are learning about the imo corrupt system but then there is a point where you must walk away and keep them at an arms length. You can take a breather to purge the negativity out but you can infrequently check their sites and clips. Never stop learning and being aware. That is not good either.

2. Things that make you happy. In this cold and cruel world always try and do things that make you happy. Music, dancing, working out, photography, sewing and my vintage doll hobby make me very happy. I try to always fill my day with music at the very least. When I do the dishes because our savage society has still not achieved sophistication with affordable service bots for all yet, I have to put on my iTunes and made that an enjoyable spa time for myself. I actually use music a lot when I have to do things I don’t like to do.

3. Love & Empathy. Caring is key to everything and anything. When I read tarot cards I always include that sincerity and find that it actually has furnished me with very accurate readings. Our current society is so cold and people look like they are lost. Even our leaders seem lost. They can not possibly connect like that. I wish they would realize that and find it in their hearts to turn on their spiritual flame. Once both the mind and the heart are in sync then the universe is truly yours.

4. Morals & Ethics. What you do daily effects you now and forever. Always try to be the best person that you can be. Remember The Laws Of The Natural Order & The Tools of the Universe that I blogged about earlier, as well. It all matters. Doing things only for yourself and not others is very flat because we are all connected. The universe is more flavorful when we all are connected together like in my blog post The Universe, Self & Group Symbiosis.

5. Positivity. Nothing lifts you up more than being positive. Even when things are tough you can try and find the bright side or a solution to solve the problems. Stop thinking negatively. Stop hating. Stop the weakness. Jealousy, fear and loathing are what many have to let go of. Marina and The Diamonds has an amazing song Fear and Loathing that you should listen to. So amazing. Also avoid the 7 deadly sins and remember the 10 Commandments too. They will help you towards a more positive and peaceful life.

6. Technology. Using technology for good benefits us all by making our lives easier. We are created in the image of God and must not be slaves ourselves. Take what the universe is transmitting and find the tools to enhance and better our lives. I love my iTunes. I have incorporated my existing CDs and also purchase new. The players on my all in one PC and my used 32 gig Ipod 4 are the key to getting me through tough tasks and hard times. I also saw on the news a new way to treat depression and mental illness through technology via electric stimulation! For more information about technology please see Tools Of The Universe category for more detail.

7. Continue To Educate Yourself. “I am still learning” Michaelangelo in his 80s! Always keep learning and bettering yourself. The internet improves IQ in my honest opinion. Use it for good. Avoid the negative. So glad our CISPA & NSA are shutting down the negative like horrible sites that hurt and harm. They also shut down crooks and cyber bullies. We don’t have a lawless society so why would we have a lawless internet. No balance there! It seems so primitive and post apocalyptic to be honest. In this day and age if someone uses the net to harm others or try and scam them I say shut them down and hopefully arrest them too. They should not be allowed to even use the net. Freedom of speech sure but if they people using it to troll or incite violence then it’s clearly time to stop them. The Feds should never try and stop the truth, however. If corps or bad people are being called out then they should go after the perpetrators and not the whistle blowers imho.

8. Health & Nutrition. Your body is your temple. If you are healthy and fit your mind should be too. I work out every day during the week. I try to eat healthy 80% of the time. I buy organic and I stay away from GMOs and processed food as much as I can. I cook the majority of the time. We can’t live forever but as long as I am here I will try. A toxic body is heavy and suffering. No possible way to connect unless you pray and try to detox. Some people with Cancer detox and take CBDs where it’s legal. Some have even claimed they cured themselves. CNN Dr. S. Gupta has an amazing 2 part special called WEED that is up on YouTube. Healing Cancer From The Inside Out is another great doc that everyone should check out.

9. Strength, Intuition & Self Certainty – Pretty straight forward. You must be strong. Ward off all weakness and temptation. Trust your inner voice and look for answers and guidance from within first. Think. Relax. Be optimistic. Feel that you do have a voice and it is effective peacefully. Violence and hate will get you no where. Harming others gets you no where either. Help those in need. Do not step on others. Be an individual but also know that we are connected to others. Also like in my Universe, Self & Group Symbiosis.

That’s all I can think of for now.

internet worldThe internet is an amazing tool for the betterment of mankind I strongly sense! Not only can you do your banking, make purchases, read, stream/purchase media, social network and so much more but you can also enhance yourself in so many ways. The internet improves your IQ in my observations.  It also builds it compassion towards others, tunes us into major issues to also help us work together to try to do something peaceful and civil that will get us towards real solutions, it also builds great self awareness and intuition, connects the world.. perhaps even the universe too!  And of course so much more!  I LOVE the energy I feel when I am online! Sure, there are some negatives to it because there will always be weak and savage people, however, the majority of the net is good.  My advice is that we utilize the good parts more in our daily lives while shutting down the bad parts.  Also in moderation.  We need to also get out there and enjoy the beautiful world without any net at all.

The internet emulates the “circle” described in an EVP. I blogged about it earlier in a post The Internet, The Universe And Everything that was regarding this and more. I just wanted to share that little blurb because what an incredible gift we have in today’s WWW! Now regarding the negative parts. In today’s day and age anyone using the net for evil should be stopped. If weak savages use the net to conspire to harm others, or scam others, or bully and harass others, then they should have no rights and face harsh legal punishment and fines. I say that they should not be allowed to use the net if they are not right. We Libras like to lead with a velvet fist btw. We are diplomatic, fair, balanced and firm. We can see the centre of things where the way and/or answer usually is in my opinion.

Also we should be moral when it comes to downloading our media.  If we keep media it should be paid for.  Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, YouTube, Crackle, Hulu are just a few amazing sites where you can buy/stream legitimate downloads or stream for free or for a price.  I know that sometimes people like to try before they buy, or make what they call radio recording poor quality copy, but it’s not fair to keep it in my honest opinion.  All non legit copies should have a self delete feature of 7 days in my opinion.  I read that most people who download these do eventually buy a copy if they like it so everyone wins.

I am not really in an outward cycle, especially to do any writing, but I am again forcing myself to get my current thoughts and feelings out.  Please forgive me if it sounds a bit off.

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