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My deepest condolences to Nathan Cirillo’s family and friends.  God bless Nathan and may he also help us in this tragic time to come together and create better systems to prevent any future acts of terror in Canada and the world.  What a tragedy and such a horrible act of hate and evil.

People are upset here in Canada after the horrible shooting and some are thinking guns are the solution. I personally don’t think so. I like the idea of SPDs. Subdue protection devices that when deployed would alert police while restraining the perp until the cops get there. Someone said on one of my Facebook friend’s wall that they would feel better if the public was armed and I had to answer this “have you ever worked for the public. I have and that’s a scary thought that they would be armed too. I am a moderate so not left or right. I am probably what you might call a freak because I see past what is and look towards the future of what could be or what should be. I would like to protect myself but with non lethal yet very effective devices. Let the police do the dirty work, it’s their job. I understand that we need to transition ourselves towards that so in the meantime I will leave that to the individuals that want to legally obtain one or not.”.

I strongly feel we need harsher punishment for any Canadians that are involved in terrorism!  The government needs to stop all government money indefinitely, if they receive, to these satanic fools immediately and their families too.  Detain them because they should not be allowed to roam free with other citizens.  Put them on trial, however, and decide a fair punishment.  I don’t think they should ever be allowed to return to my free and beautiful country, though.

I think we need a panel of psychologists to chime in on this and give us their thoughts.  Are these terrorist dim or mentally ill?  What is the profile of these types and could they ever really be rehabilitated back into society?  I also want to know why Canada is only monitoring 90 returned ISIS terror suspects.  Doug Ford was right in saying that these people need to be brought in for questioning.  I also want them up on trial asap and if found guilty we need to decide what we are going to do because this garbage can not continue if we ever want to achieve a civilized and sophisticated society of the harmonious order.

I just want to add that I don’t feel it’s right for Canada to get involved in religious wars it is not logical to because the ones that are fighting may be too emotional and/or under evil grip… be it Satan or radical leaders.  I would like Canada to stop fighting and individual Canadians might want to start helping in a humanitarian way by volunteering.  We need to protect our land and our boarders civilly and peacefully but if there is ever a real threat I would like our soldiers and police to fight for us like the hero yesterday, Canada’s Sargent of Arms, Mr. Vickers.  I know that he most likely prevented others from being hurt or killed.

My View On Ebola

I have been tweeting our PM about this and I asked that flights be stopped immediately because it is better that we are safe than sorry.  I do sense that it would be best to stop them because we are not ready to handle such an outbreak imho.  Ontario medical staff didn’t even feel they were ready either but since has had more training.  I noticed that their protective wear is flimsy and not a hazmat suit with ventilator was recommend because they felt it was airborne.  I tweeted that this is common sense, really.  I clearly see that the system is playing this down and causing debates in a sad way to buy them time.  It’s so savage and evil.  I have decided not to travel, eat out or visit busy public places.  It’s not about being paranoid it’s about avoiding a bad situation.  I don’t go walking in the park late at night alone because I know that I have a good chance of being robbed or worse.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.  Shame on the MSM, mainstream media, in playing it down.  We didn’t think there would be acts of terror on Canadian soil after Harper involving us in the wars against terrorists so Ebola coming here and possibly spreading is totally possible.  I will also write a piece next about the horrible cowardly act of terror yesterday by a fool of Satan.

Doug Ford Is Who I Voted For!

He had me at respect for taxpayers and subways.  It also doesn’t hurt that he has good experience and also seems to actually empathize with the people and care.   I sense the compassion in the Fords and that they would bring in good change if elected imho.  Doug, the mayor and the other members of council that worked wonderfully together really brought in some great things for the people of Toronto and our beautiful city.  I really hope Doug Ford is voted in as mayor and will continue the good and solid Ford agenda!  They put the people first and it must continue.  Other politicians should take a lesson from the Ford brothers when it comes to politics and work ethic.  I am going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t really feel much for writing lately but I am forcing myself to write a bit about a few things that are very important.

Haunted House Myths Confirmed And Debunked

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Let’s call a spade a spade: October is the spookiest month of the year. From scary Halloween costumes to creepy Jack-O-Lanterns staring at us from front porches, ghosts, whether you believe in them or not, are always on the back of your mind.

And for us, when the stairs are a little too creaky or a huge gust of wind blows the front door open, we definitely start believing our house is haunted. So we decided to call in John E.L. Tenney, one of the world’s leading paranormal investigators in the world and the star of Destination America’s new TV show, ‘Ghost Stalkers’ to debunk and confirm the biggest myths.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions — and truths — he comes across regularly.

1. You’ve felt someone tap on your shoulder when no one is there.


TRUE: Tenney told us that “the truer nature of hauntings is that they are far more subtle and vary greatly.” So if you feel like someone tapped your shoulder in an empty room or house, you just might be in the presence of a haunted spirit.

2. Your furniture is constantly rearranging itself.

FALSE: According to Tenney, “there are no ‘hard and fast’ rules” when it comes to figuring out if a house is haunted or not, but there are certain things that will not occur, like a pet speaking multiple language or a box springs suddenly hovering three feet off the floor.

3. People have died in your house.

FALSE: “People believe that a death or tragic occurrence in a home means their house is haunted, but not even this has been a reliable indicator that strange manifestations must take place,” Tenney explained. “Most homes have seen death or tragedy in some way and, indeed, they do not have what people call ‘hauntings’.”

4. You hear strange sounds more commonly during certain seasons.

outside thermometer

FALSE: In some of Tenney’s cases, certain residents of “haunted” houses have reported weird noses that Tenney attributes to a change in temperature. He explained that wood, steel and other materials shrinking or expanding might be causing that bump in the night, especially during the fall and spring seasons.

5. You suddenly smell the perfume of a loved one.

TRUE: Just like something tapping on your shoulder when no one is home, Tenney said that the presence of a possible haunting experience “is as simple as smelling the perfume of a loved one who has passed away.”

6. You’ve had a frightening experience in an attic, basement, crawl space or closet.


FALSE: “Reports of frightening experiences taking place in a home are also mostly based around confining and dark locations such as attics, basements/crawl spaces, and closets,” said Tenney. “This can be attributed to our own human psychological fear of dark and constrictive spaces.”

To further ease our minds, Tenney also said that a “quick look back through my files over the last 27 years shows that close to 98% of the cases I’ve investigated have had normal, if not readily noticeable, explanations.” Though that doesn’t completely ensure that we won’t run into a spirit at some point, we’ll keep this list handy just in case.

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