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IMG_2515 I have been thinking and thinking about our world, our dark and pathetic society, the unknown, the great universe, the laws of the natural order, The Harmonious Order, steering towards a better future, good and evil, etc. a lot over the years.  It’s really all so simple and everything we need to know is already inside of us.  We just need to learn how to relax and focus.

The evil globalists set up obstacles to keep us in perpetual fear, with many distractions and ignorance.  Then some of our food and water have preservatives and/or chemicals in it that is said to mess with our thinking.  Also right here in Ontario during S.A.D., Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (lack of sun & D Vitamin) we are blasted with corporate propaganda that is trying to, in my personal opinion, get as many new people in the mental health system over things that may have a physical factor like poor diet or illness, the season, tough times, lifes ups and downs…  If you read my Blurred Swines blog and search #bellletstalk you will see more on this.  Anyways, I sense that most are aware of these variables that cause people great pain and suffering.

Remember you don’t have to believe their news, eat their processed food, drink their fluoridated water, think how they want you to think, take their meds without question if there are effective natural alternatives (ask your doctor and research!  NaturalNews.com is a great site that I frequent for health news.  Also CanadianAwareness.org, Infowars.com & Pressfortruth.ca for health and alternative MSM news ).  You have free will.  You may have alternatives that can greatly better your life.  You must be selective!

Today I wish to go into how each and every one of us, no matter what influence, has the power and control to make our lives and the lives of others positive or negative.  Just like in my sketch there are usually two outcomes with any of our decisions.  We may do things for good or we do things for evil.  We can be guided by negative or positive forces but ultimately we have the physical power to go through with it.  It’s not that complicated, really.  Those that use the excuse of possession and that God will forgive those that are possessed… no.  People who are allowed to be possessed have committed mortal sin and must repent IMMEDIATELY and ask for forgiveness right after, as well.

I have seen a lot of people that are miserable and troubled because their biggest weakness is thinking that they have no power and fall victim to weakness, deception and sin.  Each and every one of us has the light of God inside of us, along with his great knowledge.  Know that you have control over your life and even if you are struggling you can overcome if you clear your mind from the negative and believe in the positive that is planted in yourself.  Do not fear the darkness… feels sorry for those that are lost in it and are suffering in it.

You know the key to true enlightenment is not falling victim to material things.  Value yourself and others.  Also the spiritual things, the simple things.  Step back and look at all sides then think for yourself!  Do not trust what is told to you.  You must know without a doubt what is truth and what is not. Do not be like everyone else.  Find yourself and start by looking at your zodiac.  Work on your negatives/weaknesses and embrace your positives.  Treat your body and mind like a temple.  Eat healthy and recognize the glass is half full.  Do not fall victim to others that are in constant chaos, instead give them the information to empower themselves but do not take on their demons.

Now about my drawing, Manufactured Demons, I am able to draw realistically but this piece is anything but.  It’s a bit abstract, simple and strange with an obvious message.  I used vintage oil pastels that I found in a church sale.  It’s about off balance and when one falls victim to the negative forces.  My piece is supposed to be ugly and basic so don’t worry about hurting my feelings lol  The piece basically simplifies our power even if we may be greatly influenced.  I am willing to sell it if anyone wants to buy this work.  Just go to my contact section and send me a Facebook message.  That’s the best way to reach me.


Get A Ghost Out Of Your House per Wiki How

So I have had some people that believe that they are experiencing a haunting write me asking for help.  There is no guide to the unknown or paranormal but I usually have some info that I share.  I give them PSICAN’s link http://www.psican.org/alpha/ghostform.htm  and tell them about what I did that helped me including a strong belief in God, a good and pure heart, not using a Ouija Board, not being afraid, protection like using salt & olive oil (sage & holy water is said to help too), researching and understanding the paranormal, IGNORING the presence really helped me too!  Recently I did a Google search and found a link on Wiki How titled Get A Ghost Out Of Your House that actually looks pretty decent.  Okay so here is the link to Wiki How:    http://m.wikihow.com/Get-a-Ghost-out-of-Your-House  Just in case that link goes in the memory hole I have copied and pasted it below for those that need to reference it:

Not everyone believes in ghosts, but for those that do a haunting can be scary business. This article gives some pointers for how to determine if your house is haunted, how to rule out common (and not paranormal) causes of a ghostly visitor and how to get rid of one if you do have a ghost.

Part One: Eliminating Non-Paranormal Possibilities

  1. 1

    Make sure the haunting isn’t caused by infrasound. These low frequency hums can cause nausea, feelings of fear and even manifest shadows at the corners of your vision. These are caused by the vibrations of the infrasound, depending on the intensity of the sound wave. French robotics researcher, Vladimir Gavreau, allegedly produced such effects on himself and his fellow researchers through infrasound.[1][2]

    • Animals can pick up infrasound in ways that humans can’t. Scientists believe that this might be how many animals can sense natural disasters.[3]
    • Building an infrasonic microphone. The antenna itself has to be bought, but these are easy to find at an electronics store and relatively inexpensive. Once you have the microphone, get a glass jar with the diameter of 2.25 inches. Stretch a 12 inch balloon over the touch. Cut off the part of the balloon which you use to inflate it, and tape the rest tightly and without wrinkles to the jar. Tape an NdFeB type magnet of 1/2 inch to 1 inch diameter magnet of 5000 guass or more (you can get this from Walmart). You will need an oscilloscope to convert the electrical signals into waveform patterns. These are more expensive, but can be found for about $45 on eBay.[4]
    • Alternately, call your local university’s science department and see if they have any recommendations for putting together an infrasonic microphone.
  2. 2

    Eliminate other non-supernatural factors. Check around where the house is situated. Is there a garbage dump nearby? Sometimes methane gas can seep up through the ground, giving a smell of brimstones and bursts of fire.[5]

    • Often ghost sightings are simply light bouncing off of a reflective surface in an unusual way. Human sight and senses are incredibly error prone, so it can be difficult to trust what your eyes might be telling you without serious further investigation.
  3. 3

    Get psychiatric evaluation. Often people who see “ghosts” are primed to do so because of their mental health. Before you start doing odd things to your home, seek out some professional help. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a ghost, it is simply a way to rule out one outside possibility.

    • Likewise, try and have someone confirm your experience. If you’re the only one seeing or sensing anything, that’s the best time to get psychiatric evaluation. If others experience the possible haunting as well, look first to other natural causes.

Part Two: Evaluating the Potential Haunting

  1. 1

    Record your experiences. Once you’ve gotten rid of any natural causes, you will need to catalog your haunting to better understand how to deal with it.

    • Use a record player to try and communicate with the haunting. Ask it questions and record it to see if the ghost answers. It won’t always, but you may be given some sort of message which can help with getting rid of it. You will want to ask easy questions with simple answers, usually yes or no. This is simplest if you try to communicate with the ghost by asking questions and having it answer with knocking. Ask it to use one knock for yes and two knocks for no.
    • Take photos of the areas where you experience the haunting to see if anything turns up in the final image. Use a flash when you’re in a dark space, like a room, otherwise your camera will only capture darkness. Otherwise, it is best to rely on natural lighting so that lens flare doesn’t confuse you. Remember that often ghostly seeming orbs and other phenomena are often simply dust on the camera lens, or light refracting from dust particles in the air.
  2. 2

    Have someone corroborate your findings. See if your family members, or roommates sense and see similar things to you. Do they hear ghostly footsteps, a knock on the bedroom door, or other manifestations? Try not to influence them with your own findings.

    • If you can find a reputable ghost hunter or psychic, talk to them about what you’ve discovered and see what they think. If you can afford it, have them come to your house and see what they can find separate from your experiences.
  3. 3

    Don’t be disappointed if your haunting turns out to be nothing. As any reputable ghost hunter will tell you, most of the ghostly visitations turn out to have a natural explanation. That doesn’t mean ghosts don’t exist!

Part Three: Politely Getting the Ghost to Leave

  1. 1

    Be confident when dealing with your ghost. Like animals, ghosts are supposed to react to and feed off of fear. Since there are very few (if any) true cases where someone was hurt by a ghost, mostly what you’ll be dealing with is irritating and possibly unsettling.629px-Get-a-Ghost-out-of-Your-House-Step-6-Version-2

    • If you talk to the ghost, use a no-nonsense tone of voice, as you would with a misbehaving animal. Be stern, but not mean. Ghosts may be the left-over spirits of other people. The fact that they are dead might already be traumatizing to the ghost.
  2. 2 Perform an exorcism. This is specifically for Christians, as an exorcism means casting out Satan and his minions. If you aren’t Christian, this way will be unlikely to work for you. Check in your specific religion, as all religions have possibilities for dealing with a type of spirit world. If you are Christian, don’t perform the exorcism yourself. Instead, contact a local church and see what they recommend.[6]




    • In Hinduism reaching the 3rd, 7th and 9th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita and offering the result to the ghost it will help release them from their bondage. Likewise, chanting mantras, keeping holy pictures of deities or burning incense offered during a Puja can help release the trapped spirit.
    • The Jewish ritual helps both the possessed and the possessor find healing. The ritual should only be performed by a rabbi who has mastered practical Kabbalah.
    • There are a variety of banishing rituals for all cultures and religions so you should be able to find one that suits your need. These rituals take into account different culture’s views on ghosts and the afterlife, as there is no one true doctrine on ghosts.
  3. 3

    Cleanse the house. Once your ghost has been banished, you must cleanse the space so that it doesn’t return and to discourage other spiritual and ghostly visitors. Again, there are as many ways to cleanse a physical space as there are religions in the world. The ones offered below are only some of the more common ones.



    • Burn sage or cedar. This is said to clear negative energy and burning incense is considered a purifying force in many cultures.
    • Ring a bell in each corner of your home. This is said to break up the negative energy and encourage positive energy. It is important to do this more than once as negative energy can come from many different sources.
    • Physically clean your home. This will help to create an atmosphere of cleanliness and to discourage negative energy from coming back.
  • Very few (if any) ghosts are dangerous. Often it is best to simply leave them alone. Think of them as a quirky (if sometimes irritating) house guest.

animal-farm-cover-2 Are the mental health campaigns in Ontario enough to possibly confuse Ontarians into thinking that the dire situation of the province, created by the province run LIBERALS, reason enough for them to personally go into the mental health system?  Going into the system instead of facing the issues and peacefully demanding resolve?  Have we been so conditioned that we can not even distinguish between true mental illness from the effects of a corrupt and a horrible government that has gone too far in my personal opinion.  Is the left media and left run mental health programs blurring the lines of tough times and personal depression in order for people to seek help and possibly medicate them instead of dealing with this horrible situation?  I believe so.

It’s so bad here in Ontario they are comparing us to Greece and stated that we are worse off than bankrupted California!  http://toparanormal.org/2013/06/modern-day-beasts-of-burdon-was-ontario-other-countries-in-financial-peril-purposely-bankrupted-in-order-to-float-troubled-economy/  It is so bad in Ontario in my opinion that CAMH is going door to door.  It is sad to see people targeted like this over deliberate engineered devastation by the left imo.  Important posts that you should also read:  Margot Kidder discussed her treatment and how she did not use “mind numbing” pills thanks to her doctors.  http://toparanormal.org/2013/02/bellletstalk-about-margot-kidder-on-the-cbc-last-night-on-the-george-tonight-show-yay-cb/ and what I believe is deceptive propaganda targeting struggling Ontarians http://toparanormal.org/2013/02/is-bell-media-using-decption-bleeding-heart-propaganda-candy-coated-propaganda-bellletstalk-save32minutes/

The head of the Liberal party himself, Justin Trudeau, has stated that he supports the legalization of pot which is said to effect the brain, both long term and short term, and may cause brain damage.  Please see the links here:  http://drug.addictionblog.org/does-marijuana-cause-brain-damage/  and http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/07/24/justin-trudeau-wants-to-legalize-marijuana-in-order-to-keep-it-out-of-the-hands-of-our-kids/   Why else would he support hemp use?  I question his intentions A LOT.  Someone that supports a carbon tax and obvious anti human agendas does not care about people in my eyes.  To keep people in a state of:

  • decreased motivation
  • disrupted coordination and balance
  • hallucinations (in high doses)
  • impaired complicated tasks such as athletics and driving
  • impaired mental flexibility
  • impaired problem solving
  • impaired focus (inability to hold attention)
  • increased anxiety
  • paranoia
  • slower reaction time

(short term effects of Marijuana according to  http://drug.addictionblog.org/does-marijuana-cause-brain-damage/ )

Would that not benefit a corrupt and deceptive party that is on an evil globalist agenda?  I think so!  Do they want to get as many people on “mind numbing” scripts and high and out of it on pot just so they can keep with their disgustingly horrible political path that has no benefit to the little guys?! I think so!  http://toparanormal.org/2013/03/canada-needs-to-drop-out-of-the-un-immediately/

On a side note, I support hemp use 110% for health, industry and nutrition but I do have a negative feeling about recreational use.  I am not a drug user, I don’t even smoke or drink.  If I was sick and hemp oil could help me, like it did Rick Simpson (Google him and his doc Running From The Cure or Charlottes Web CNN)  http://toparanormal.org/2011/01/supressing-effective-safe-cancer-cures/  then I would want the freedom of choice and religion to use it.  I would most likely go to court and fight for my right to have it if I could not get it prescribed to me.  I do, however, believe that decriminalization would reduce crime and it could also bring in tax money if the government were to regulate it.  Perhaps licensing it for fun would be the way to go.  I don’t think that people should drive on it if they are licensed until they come out with a test that could detect usage proving that a person was driving while high which I think is a definite no no.

Not only are we constantly put into a state of confusion and fear by the mainstream media imo on top of the chemicals in our food and water… we are left in a state of constipated intuition so we can not connect easily to the universe and unable to be our true and best selves.  This is an attack on our God given and natural right in life.  How many have been victimized by this corrupt and disgusting system of dark negativity?  Both political sides need to step up and stop this asap.   Please see my previous blogs here that touch on this, as well:  http://toparanormal.org/2011/11/toxic-gravy-the-fluoride-deception-re-toronto-re-city-drinking-water-re-rob-ford/  and http://toparanormal.org/2010/08/canadian-government-cares-about-your-salt-intake-but-what-about-all-the-other-toxins-in-our-food-water/  and http://canadianawareness.org/2014/01/what-are-processed-foods-doing-to-our-children/

Let’s not forget the green smart grid brought in by the Liberals too and how even a doctor spoke out about it’s negative health effects.  http://toparanormal.org/2012/03/tweet-tweet-dalton-mcguinty-re-forced-smart-meters-regardless-of-health-privacy-concerns/

I will NOT be voting for the Liberals ever again and I think the PCs should go after them legally at this point because not only are they wrong but they are malicious and insidious!  They are hurting people deep into their being.  This is a total abomination.  RCMP please for the love of God what are you waiting for?!  It’s so clear and obvious.  I can’t believe that this has not been put to an end, reversed and the liberal politicians responsible made to pay legally for what they have done.  Who is really running this world?  I think it’s SATAN to be honest.  I am actually ashamed and embarrassed for our world leaders and elite.  The higher forms of life must be disgusted with you, as well.  I highly doubt that any superior and sophisticated life form would align himself with the pathetic likes of your naïve, weak and miserable selves.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I am not a doctor and not all people that are upset with the provincial government are not in need of mental help.  I am just wanting people to be able to distinguish a dire situation from a mental illness.  You might need help doing that with your doctor so I do not want to get in the way of that.  Always ALWAYS consult a doctor and discuss your options with them.  Please also discuss side effects and alternatives if they wish to prescribe meds.



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