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This Blog Is Moving

I decided to that I will be moving my entire blog over to Blogger.com before my next renewal October 20th, I believe. Not only is Blogger a great platform but it’s totally free. I hope you join me over there too! Best, Anna Sophia http://annasophianaturalpsychic.blogspot.ca/


Well, what can I say except that this book makes things more real to me.  It explains about how angels had a lust for the daughters of man and actually married them and had children… whom were non other than giants.  The fallen, aka The Watchers, aka The Wicked, etc. taught man the craft, war, how to make weapons and other things that were forbidden.  For all of that they were cast out of heaven or worse.  Sounds so crazy but as I read I had to also research things and found some great docs on YouTube about the #bookofenoch LIKE giant bones have been discovered all over the globe.  There are references to giants in the bible… David and Goliath!  There are also references to giants in other historic pieces and even fairy tales.  They did exist!  Enoch was the great grandfather of Noah who built the arc because apparently God had to flood the earth to get rid of the giants.  Anyways, it’s so out there, but, you know what they say… the truth is often stranger than fiction!!!

The book also makes reference to the #godlesselite and how they are influenced by the fallen and give in to lust, money and war!  Just like in today’s time it seems!  After all these many, many years the #NWO aka #godlesselites have still been SAVAGE and WEAK to keep our society primitive and pathetic imho.  We could have been so amazing and advanced but because of their garbage leadership and influence we have not really achieved greatness at all!  I am talking such an advanced, sophisticated and civilized race of super beings that managed to unlock all the answers of the universe.  Instead we have the army of satan running amuck while the unfair and corrupt systems enslave and crush man to limit him/her of their true potential.  Why?  Because the #godlesselite are possessed and dim it seems to me.  They are so empty that they are filled with the negativity and the heaviness of dark forces.  How to break free.  Pray!  Say the Lord’s prayer, Our Father and then the Hail Mary.  Try to pray as much as you can.  Think of others and try to empathize and see their plight.  Look at my Laws Of The Natural Order and learn to know them well.  It’s time to move forward and it’s time to go up.  First within yourselves and then that will take us all higher together.  Elitism should be illegal.  Once we are pure again, God will return.   If not they will continue to be controlled by the fallen because of their weakness for money, sex and other evil things. 

The author also stated that the heirs of Enoch can take their illuminating torch away. Since Noah is Enoch’s great grandson that tells me that we are all heirs that are opposed. Here is to peaceful and positive change. Each and every individual has the power to make a better future in all that they do in their own lives and then the ripple effect will commence and the more people that do it the bigger the wave and the sooner the positive changes I strongly sense. Those NWO and their lackey fools are obsolete and will shed like snake skin




The Neuron / Neurotransmitter Network


Whenever my dachshund wants to communicate he usually barks and sometimes even goes to the usual spot where things are but when he really wants something specific he will stare until he gets the person’s attention and continue on locking his eyes to ours.  It seems to me that he is so very focused, his entire body is generating energy and he pulses it outward.

I read the book, You Are Psychic by Pete A. Sanders Jr., and he states that if you look upwards with your 3rd eye you are more easily able to connect.  Even before I read that I was sensing and picking up a strong signal to go up.  I felt that perhaps I should do that while my little guy was so set and so intense on sending me a message.  So I looked upwards and received 2 words… peanut butter.  I got the dog some damned peanut butter! lol  So you see… 2 beings each doing their part and connecting so that a message could be transmitted.

Then I started to think and relax and stew in my thoughts some more about how it may be possible to send messages or maybe even to travel.  It is said that higher forms of intelligent beings don’t even speak and solely communicate via telepathy.  What if they actually travel mentally, as well?!  So here is what I am thinking  Neurons are located all over the body.  They create signals, voltage and more.  If we learned to tap into that network then we could most likely harness 100%+ of our brain and energy.  Does this sound too out there.  lol  Good.  I am glad if it does.  Perhaps it’s time that humans broke out of the limits that we have put on ourselves and go within to connect to the universe to discover it’s many gifts.  It’s time.

We would know more if were actually harmonious and following the Laws of the Natural Order.  We need fair systems right now (banking, commerce & media).  I personally do not approve of #agenda21, #tpp, #gmo, #g20 and #cronycapitalism and would like those systems changed as soon as possible.  It goes against free will and is of the #godlesselite like in the Book of Enoch.  I am reading Origins of Evil, The Book of Enoch and have also been tweeting about it.  Hit my contact page and take a look if you have time.  When I feel it’s time I will write about it, hopefully.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope it will make a peaceful and positive difference in the world.


Anna Sophia





Some people say we vibrate but I believe we only do this when we are balanced, positive and happy. I also believe that our soul when at that state vibrates like sound.

Sound travels and when it does it’s sonic. So what if man could travel via sound and light from within. Perhaps interdimensional travel may be possible this way?! All we need is like a docking station for our bodies to care for them until we get back and a destination bot for our trip. Sounds really out there but why can’t we explore it? Nothing to lose.

I was tweeting this morning on my AnnaSophia_TOPS@twitter.com account and this is what I wrote:

Anna Sophia@AnnaSophia_TOPS 1h1 hour ago
Some of mans journeys start from within where we can reach universal frontiers. Nothing is impossible or out of reach. #music #light #travel

Anna Sophia@AnnaSophia_TOPS 1h1 hour ago
Must think upwards and outwards. #nofear #nolimits #beyond

Anna Sophia
relating to or using sound waves.
denoting or having a speed equal to that of sound.
11:01 AM – 7 May 2015

What if we could travel from within via sonic/light and destination would involve a robot or clone body? #freakyfuture #iampossible #whynot
11:49 AM – 7 May 2015

Just sharing my deep thoughts inspired by music and my connection to the universe. I hope this helps mankind. That’s why I do this for free.

I do have a paypal or bitcoin wallet if anyone would like to gift me. You can reach me via my facebook or twitter by hitting the About/Contact section on this site. I also sell art and pictures if anyone is interested. I should add a shop section.

UPDATE:  May 9, 2015 – One of my fb friends just criticized me a bit over this blog entry. lol!  He asked me if I was visited by clock work elves?!  Hahaha!  No.  I have not been.  Sheesh!  I just sense things, piece it together and write it down.  I don’t think I should stop my process just because it seems strange and weird.  There are things that we can’t explain but I do strongly sense that there are great messages and meanings in media.  Things come to me that way.  I find the little puzzle piece, not literally, I feel it, and I piece it together and tweet about it and then write it down on this blog.  Anyways!  Whatever.  I know that it probably doesn’t make much sense now but when the time is right I hope that this will guide humanity to the brink of greatness.  If not it’s certainly entertaining!!!

UPDATE:  May 27, 2015 – I just wanted to include my May 11th tweet: “intense dream early this am.man’s voice simply said my latest post Sonic Spirit was accurate.didn’tchim,he said it in middle of other dream.”  Also I have been sensing that I need to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind and I was also thinking about mixing software like Reason from Softonic.

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