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internet worldThe internet is an amazing tool for the betterment of mankind I strongly sense! Not only can you do your banking, make purchases, read, stream/purchase media, social network and so much more but you can also enhance yourself in so many ways. The internet improves your IQ in my observations.  It also builds it compassion towards others, tunes us into major issues to also help us work together to try to do something peaceful and civil that will get us towards real solutions, it also builds great self awareness and intuition, connects the world.. perhaps even the universe too!  And of course so much more!  I LOVE the energy I feel when I am online! Sure, there are some negatives to it because there will always be weak and savage people, however, the majority of the net is good.  My advice is that we utilize the good parts more in our daily lives while shutting down the bad parts.  Also in moderation.  We need to also get out there and enjoy the beautiful world without any net at all.

The internet emulates the “circle” described in an EVP. I blogged about it earlier in a post The Internet, The Universe And Everything that was regarding this and more. I just wanted to share that little blurb because what an incredible gift we have in today’s WWW! Now regarding the negative parts. In today’s day and age anyone using the net for evil should be stopped. If weak savages use the net to conspire to harm others, or scam others, or bully and harass others, then they should have no rights and face harsh legal punishment and fines. I say that they should not be allowed to use the net if they are not right. We Libras like to lead with a velvet fist btw. We are diplomatic, fair, balanced and firm. We can see the centre of things where the way and/or answer usually is in my opinion.

Also we should be moral when it comes to downloading our media.  If we keep media it should be paid for.  Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, YouTube, Crackle, Hulu are just a few amazing sites where you can buy/stream legitimate downloads or stream for free or for a price.  I know that sometimes people like to try before they buy, or make what they call radio recording poor quality copy, but it’s not fair to keep it in my honest opinion.  All non legit copies should have a self delete feature of 7 days in my opinion.  I read that most people who download these do eventually buy a copy if they like it so everyone wins.

I am not really in an outward cycle, especially to do any writing, but I am again forcing myself to get my current thoughts and feelings out.  Please forgive me if it sounds a bit off.

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So much to write about today but how do I put it simply.  The energy I am picking up is immense so please bare with me.

I was on my personal Netflix account recently and out of the many thousands of movies one stood out to me for some reason.  A cheesy looking made for TV movie that I needed to watch.  Some big named actors were in it so why not.  To my delight it was actually really good and I was able to find 2 quotes that were important enough for me to mention that seem to relate to the discussions of technology today.    “computers are like children, they follow where you lead, they don’t make mistakes unless you lead them in the wrong direction.”. “In the very beginning I was spooked by all the gadgets but then I really worked hard… & now… the computer is my best friend.”.  1997 Office Killer Film.

office killer

I was on Canadian Awareness yesterday and saw the piece titled “Jose Cordeiro – The Future of Technology and the Technology of the Future” by Lucas Cort.  I was very excited but a bit weary too.  Technology should always better and enhance the lives of men because we were created in the image of God and should all live like kings and queens.  It should serve us to make our lives easier so that we may focus on more important matters.  It should also help us live longer, but I don’t think living forever is natural in this form because  I truly believe that this world is only a small part of our being and is not the eternal life we should be at.  The fallen angels run this world so to be here with them always just seems very wrong to me.  However, if I can look my best like I do now for as long as I live until I die… then why not!  Cloning body parts seems okay too for those that need them.  Why not live longer too!  I think around 250 is a good number!  Anything past that is just creepy to me.

Now of course there are some things that we must consider before hand because things may not be ideal and may bring our world to great peril.  Perhaps if we just had programmed service bots and things without any Artificial Intelligence, or very limited, then man will keep on top.  Sometimes fear is a defence mechanism instinct.  If we proceed with the utmost control and caution in regards to technology it should effect our lives positively.  Also GMOs concern me, as well.  Can we really do it better than God?  I don’t think so.  It just seems so Frankensteinish to be honest.  It seems that it’s about money and profit.  That should never be a determining factor when it comes to a sophisticated society in my opinion!

Jose stated that the internet will be free by 2020 and I think that is amazing! The internet has brought out my gifts and talents to be honest.  I just love being connected because the energy and rewards from it is beyond euphoric for me.   It should be free for us all sooner rather than later imho!  Why stop there!  Tesla’s free energy that I have heard of, that we have the technology supposedly, should be made available and made free for us all too!

Technology is an extension of ourselves and the universe, a tool, something to better mankind imho!  Personally I love technology and have used it like Tarot to help with my writings, creativity and theories.  I also use it to relax and have fun.  Though I don’t agree with everything Jose from Google was talking about, like living forever and self driving cars, but I still believe that we have individual choices not to go along if we don’t want to.  I sure as heck am not going to go backwards totally off grid like a cave person.  I honestly believe there is middle ground for us all.  All I know is that we have been like stagnant water for far too long.  It’s time for humanity to soar!  Like I have said before you can use it for good or not.  It’s up to the individual.  There should be laws introduced for those that use it for evil and harsh legal punishment if they are found guilty.

#toolsoftheuniverse #stopthrowingrocksatthemoon



vomitI am constantly thinking, even when I am relaxing and sleeping.  I work in controlled and constant circles of consciousness.  I like to figure things out, especially the most chaotic of things, so that I can bring order to them and make it harmonious.  Balance and positivity is what I need so why not help our society to achieve that, as well.  I only want a better future for mankind so that we can all be happy and figure out all the mysteries of the universe!

So I was thinking about the Tools Of The Universe and how we are so incredibly fortunate to be gifted such amazing things to benefit as a species but also what blocks us from their full potential.  Now what stops us from all their good are the Deviantions From Nature, such as, Satanism, war, weapons, rape, abortion, GMOs, Artificial Intelligence aka AI, chemicals, water fluoridation with non naturally occurring calcium fluoride, propaganda, mind control, porn… it seems to be covered by The 7 deadly Sins and also if you do not follow the Ten Commandments, then that is also a Deviant From Nature too.

Negative, weakness and dark things are not natural.  People that do not care for others and will step on them in order to benefit are also unnatural and bring us all down.  As Madonna sang, “open your heart to me”.  It’s time.  Also open your mind.  We need to move on because it seems we are stuck in the tar pits of the universe instead of rising up towards a civilized and sophisticated society.  We are stuck because we are simply not following The Laws of the Natural Order in my honest opinion.

We also seem very afraid to harness and utilize technology to propel us into a society I would be very proud of and not embarrassed of like I am today.  I have noticed that there are more and more advances with #bitcoin and robots, but not enough.  Some people feel that robots will take over the world and kill off man, however, if we have kill switches to deactivate them then why worry?  As long as we keep a few humans on the top to control AI’s we should be fine.  With more thought I think that we should be very careful with this and not go there or greatly limit it.  Service computers/bots/machines that are programmed to do tasks would be the way to go in my honest opinion!

We should not be throwing rocks at the moon on this just because of fear and the unknown.  The world is round, remember!  Do you think Columbus puss’d out?  No!  He got on that boat and sailed it past the point of human mental limits at the time.   Why do we have to constantly limit ourselves because of fear?!  I do understand that it’s an instinct of protection but it seems our society is crippled by it.  I would have so much more time to write and create if it weren’t for the many tedious domestic tasks that inflict me daily!

The time is now.  It’s time to steer hard towards a peaceful and positive future for all so that we can all live like kings and queens!  #goingup


The Tools Of The Universe


Man must see past what is now and focus on steering hard towards what should be.  We have all the great tools that our universe provided each and every one of us.  We have found the majority of them and now we must utilize them for all of mankind’s benefits!  We are one human race made in the image of God.  No one is better than the other.  Now we must find the compassion in our hearts, minds and souls and move  forward together to a place where it is positive, happy, peaceful and productive for all.  I often joke about having my very own Rosie bot to slave away instead of myself so that I can focus more on my work and art to better our world.  When people discuss how technology is bad and want to stop it I just see people controlled by fear and who do not like change.  I am the type that wants to dive into it head first if it means a better tomorrow.  Why not?  Things have to get better than this.  Man has had so many centuries to get where we need to be but because of our savage and weak ways we are no where near where we need to be!  In order to start the real journey we must recognize our weaknesses in order to strengthen and live by The Laws Of The Natural Order in order to ensure that we remain strong and powerful.  So let me recap what I believe the tools are.  Time, Mathematics ( #bitcoin ), Science, Technology (Computers, Internet, Robots…), Medicine (CBDs, organic foods, healthy lifestyle, being positive, etc.  imo) , The Laws Of The Natural Order, The Harmonious Order, The Cycles of Nature, Morality, The Zodiac, Tarot, Astronomy, Geology (crystals, stones, magnets), Creative Arts, Culinary Arts, etc.  All these wonderful things have been gifted to us and we must utilize them in order to all benefit right now.  Stop putting it off and saying that in the future or 50 years from now.  We need good and real change now.  The elite must let go of their greed and cold hearts and tune in with us in order for us all to move forward.  They really do influence and we need them to get to where we need to be.  I pray they are strong enough and ready enough.  We should all live like kings and queens.  We also need to be aware and weary of the Deviants From Nature, as well.


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