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I recall last year when Adam Kokesh and Dan Dicks of PressForTruth.ca met up and Adam told Dan that he was an anarchist.  I also noticed that Terry Wilson of CanadianAwareness.org just got an Anarchy tat.  I decided that I better research it more so yesterday I looked up the definition of Anarchy in Wiki and it can actually have more than one meaning.

Today’s Anarchy in this particular case I sense that it means self importance, self and social awareness, collecting accurate information, thinking, questioning, disagreeing with the massive corruption in our world today and the confidence, the drive to obtain self/group happiness peacefully via an information and digital self/group movement imo and the want for good change. I think that’s why I have hope for #Bitcoin because it really seems like a very advanced and moral system to me that offers simply a decentralized functioning monetary unit of measure to me. It will work for us to free our lives and not enslave us imho.  

I don’t feel that Anarchy is a permanent method either, only something that people believe that needs to be done in order to get the individual and group to a non corrupt, civilized, moral, sophisticated and harmonious society. It’s almost like my posts on steering towards a better future. You can leave things up to destiny but to me it’s like using autopilot only you have no idea where you end up. When you take control you have a better chance at the place you desire I strongly believe.

So my husband recently purchased the book Rotten, by Johnny Lydon of the Sex Pistols to read, and was watching some clips from his doc.  I instantly felt this phrase, “anarchy to be free”.  Then I asked him what the doc is titled and he tells me that it’s actually titled FREEDOM!  It kinda freaks me out when this happens but I it has happened to me before and I also felt that this was no coincidence.  Now I have not seen this doc, nor have read Johnny Rotten aka Lydon work but I will and if someone here has please feel free to correct me if I am wrong here. I don’t agree with everything Johnny Lyndon has said from what I have heard and seen either but I have come to the conclusion based on other things I have witnessed that people have used Anarchy in order to be free by many means but I do not condone any violence and destructive behaviour like the Black Bloc!  That is what I believe to be Negative Anarchy which is so wrong and in all reality makes things worse in my honest opinion.

I strongly believe that there are non violent ways that will be very effective in order to push for a better tomorrow.  Anyways, I was right in thinking that Anarchy is a transitional means to getting the self to a better life… freedom.  It seems in this day and age it is being done peacefully via the net.  It also seems to be through what I wrote about yesterday… The Universe, Self & Group Symbiosis.  We can receive and I strongly believe that we can transmit too!


Universe, Self & Group Symbiosis

school of fish circle society

Via Wikimedia.org

Previously I have been thinking about and discussing being individuals but operating together as a group on an internal universal GPS like a school of fish.  It seems like the perfect model for us and our society.  Separate individuals, respecting individualism yet working together for the great good in order to be much better.  I sensed that we are separate entities that should be plugged in to the universe internally yet able to function in a group and work together positively.

Then today I see talk in the alternative community about the individual and getting away from the system but that seems so unnatural to me.  It is great to be self aware through meditation and intuition.  It is great to question things, always, but we need to also live together.

paul joseph watson individualism

My response to Paul Joseph Watson’s Facebook photo post was:  “Yes being an individual is very important and finding you takes inward thinking… intuition. HOWEVER, once you are synced with the universe you will also need to function as a group, like a school of fish. Almost symbiotic imo.”

I say a great example of anything we want solutions for, &/or to perfect in our own world, it is most usually found in nature. So I looked to see what I could identify with and what instantly came to mind was a group of fish. Individual entities that are so small alone, yet together operating on almost an internal GPS they are stronger and better. I like to term it as a group symbiosis because it’s separate entities working together for positive reasons like a more ideal survival.


Once our society allows us individuals to focus within, lessons the distractions, become civilized then we will be so SOPHISTICATED and HARMONIOUS then we will be ready for all the answers and benefits.  I just want to add that in the meantime we all must steer in the right direction individually and our world leaders must simply choose good over evil.  That is the first step.  Also the elite must back off and allow the savage society to die.  This world should not benefit just them!  They must consider us all.  If we set course in the right direction it will lead us to this sophistication we should have arrived at long ago.  Enough with stepping on people to get ahead, enough with killing because we need to resolve things without death and destruction, enough with profiting off people with shady and mal things, MORE POSITIVE TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL BENEFIT US ALL, MORE FOLLOWING THE LAWS OF THE NATURAL ORDER, MORE OF THE CIRCLE SOCIETY, MORE HARMONIOUS ORDER THAT WILL PUT 100% ON TOP… get it?  #GOINGUP #HARMONIOUSORDER for more.



Push For A Better Tomorrow

I bet we would have a much better world if some people didn’t spend so much time stewing in negativity, fighting & hating. I have seen some somewhat seemingly intelligent people spend countless hours picking others apart in an attempt to try and push their buttons over the most frivolous of things for attention. If they would just use that time to instead on real important matters that we should all be concerned about, blog or become peacefully active in important issues (like GMOs, or the private banking system or whatever needs our attention), than I feel that this world would be a much better place! I do practice what I preach btw because I don’t fight unless it’s absolutely necessary, and only peacefully & civilly, like when helping my father get the proper hospital care he needed and I took the time to FIGHT FOR HIS BENEFIT! I will also take the time to defend myself but only when I feel that I am being painted in a bad and untrue light. I am also so proud to have taken more positive and peaceful action by blogging, signing petitions, donating to charity, contacting my politicians, volunteering for my local alternative media, I have even exposed corruptions in my own city with positive results and inform others any chance I get. Of course we all need down time to relax and have fun too but that helps us to become more productive in a beneficial way imho. You put negativity and hate out there then it will come back to you at least 3x. You wish harm on others or try to hurt others purposely then guess what… it will come back on you at least 3x, as well and that’s why I always try to help people instead. I also know that unless someone is a crook or is violent with others you should not condemn them. No one is perfect and, therefore, no one should judge and try to label people so badly. It only will look bad on them to be honest.

The Familiar

There are a lot of vibes that I pick up but none so familiar as evil. To actually describe it is a deep pulling down sensation in my lower abdomen that is combined with a chill. I have sensed it a bit more than usual as of late. So much despair, deception and hate online lately, I can even see it in my doll community?! Some pretty judgemental, critical and negative people out there! The top two I have witnessed are Scorpios! Enough said, right lol

Seems social medias enable and protect ANONYMOUS CYBER BULLIES AND HATE SPEECH by citing freedom of speech. I mean it doesn’t take a person with sense to realize there is a difference. I mean you can use things for good or for evil. So if it’s for evil then I think that the freedom of speech right should not apply. People are taking advantage now and it’s really ugly and hurtful.

In the midst of all that I have instead been positive and created a helpful dolly group and funny dolly page. I mean, why not? I think when good comes out of negativity it’s like a big FU! I don’t need it and I don’t want it. We all make mistakes but learning from them, forgiving others and moving on is the way to go! Unfortunately there were a few people that I cared about that were angry and/or attacking that I had to block. It was difficult but out of respect for myself and protection I just had to keep them away.

There are still good people. I sense them because they are light and sweet. You just can’t get enough of them! So much like a beautiful painting, an amazing sunny day, an incredible view and even a delicious dessert like an ice cream sundae! People that are conflicted, crowded places / events, or positive and negative energy combining comes across as a swirling feeling, cold and a lot of energy! I picked that up when I went to the Bright Pearl Chinese Restaurant on Spadina. So electric, sinister and amazing. Too bad it’s closed down now. Then there is stale energy and stale people. You know the places or people you don’t get real read from… almost as though they are invisible. It’s kinda sad when people are like that cause they are lost and have no spark. Like zombies, even.

So lately there has been much conflict in my family’s life and it’s been keeping me very busy. We are almost through it! I will never give up and always keep a positive outlook and approach on things. I will also avoid negativity like the plague! It’s not worth getting yourself caught up in that nonsense.

I am going to try and get the energy to work on an original artwork piece for this post. I am on a purge energy cycle. We all have many states. I am not going to force anything because it’s not natural.

A shout out to Rob Ford and his family! I am so proud that he went to rehab!!! He is definitely in a less swirly state. My continued support to him! I honestly sense that he is something special. He just has to believe it and NOT EVER DRINK AGAIN! I mean, OMG!! I strongly believe his career depends on it. Also, keep a small and tight circle. Do not say or do anything that you can’t in front of other people.

If anyone wants to gift me, you may always do so!  Below is my bitcoin address and I do have paypal too!  Please write me if you wish to send me PayPal.  I do not get any money from this blog.  I would appreciate it very much.  Thank you!


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